Mutation Specific Kinase activity Measurements

Profiling Kinase Conformations

KinCon biolabs is a R&D project of the Institute of Biochemistry at the University of Innsbruck.
We are creating unique biosensors for improved kinase-inhibitor development

Our luciferase based reporter measures drug-driven effects on kinase-activity by reflecting changes of cellular kinase-conformations.

This technology allows reliable profiling of potential kinase-inhibitors under physiological conditions:

  • Direct measurement in living cells
  • Cancer drug profiling in real-time 
  • Simple integration of patient mutations for precision medicine


Meet the people working to provide you with new tools to assess kinase drug efficacy.

Eduard Stefan


Philipp Tschaikner

Project LEAD | CSO

Rainer Schneider

Scientific advisor

Jakob Fleischmann

research assistant


Catch up with our latest News

We are happy to announce that a study co-authored by all members of the KinCon team has been published in PNAS. In this paper we have systematically evaluated drug efficacies by assessing KinCon reporter dynamics in response to different drugs and patient mutations. Our findings suggest that FDA-approved melanoma inhibitors may have the potential to block non-V600E–mutated BRAF activities also in non–small-cell lung cancers (NSCLC). This work showcases that the KinCon reporter platform can help to enhance the development of novel mutation specific kinase inhibitors.

We welcome Philipp Raffeiner who will work on novel Cdk4/6 KinCon reporters in the following months.

With December 1st we started with the execution of proof-of-concept studies to prove the practical suitability and marketability of our KinCon biosensors to accelerate kinase inhibitor development.

KinCon biolabs was selected to receive the ‘FFG Spin-off Fellowship’, a funding Programme by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). 

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KinCon biolabs

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KinCon biolabs is funded and supported by the University of Innsbruck and the  Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)